Powertex Certified Instructor

Certification program​
Our Powertex Certified Instructor program provides us a way to recognize a level of expertise in the usage of Powertex products.

Five levels of certification are explained further on this page. Each of them covers main topics to be mastered and there is no mandatory order in which they can be obtained.

The participant is considered a Powertex Certified Instructor as soon as one of the first four levels is completed.

The advantages of becoming a Certified Instructor are:
1) Recognition of competence with the Powertex Products
2) Volume discount is available when buying Powertex products
3) Authorization to resell Powertex products
4) Authorization to teach any course with the usage of the title Powertex Certified Instructor
5) Visibility offer on the website www.powertex.ca as a certified trainer and as a product reseller
6) Visibility offer on the newsletter as a product reseller and can provide articles.
7) Forward of Powertex training and products buying requests
​​It is important to know that Powertex Certified Instructor are not forced to offer training neither to sell products. You can become Certified only because you like creating projects with the products and you will still get the volume discount on products. Some artists use their certification to cut their costs of Powertex products while reselling or not their works.​​
​​1st Level: Sculpture/Figurine techniques with Powertex​
This training will cover the following main techniques:

1) Building a wire frame for the figurine/sculpture
2) Integrating a stand in the figurine/sculpture
2) Covering a frame with fabric or other materials by using Powertex hardener
3) Building a standing and a sitting figurine
4) Building of wings
5) Colouring the figurine/sculpture by applying pigments
6) Introducing Powertex hardener on canvas
​2nd Level: Stone Art​​
This training will cover the following main techniques:

1) Adding texture on a figurine/sculpture with Stone Art
2) Adding texture on a canvas with Stone Art
3) Using Bister with Stone Art to create crack​s
4) Creating clay with Stone Art for building a sculpture or part of a figurine
​​3rd Level: Mixed Media​​
This training will cover the following main techniques:

1) Creating a design that integrates fabric, cotton, cardboard and other
      materials on a canvas
2) Using Easy3D Flex to create texture with different deepness of crackles
3) Adding colours by using the pigments and bister
4) Using the pigments to add light to your project
5) Integrating clay objects created with Stone Art
6) Guiding your inspiration to create a nice project
​4th Level: Powerprint
This training will cover the following techniques:

1) Transfering an image on a canvas
2) Integrating the image in a mixed media project
5th Level: Master
This training is used to validate the knowledge and experience of the participant in the techniques of the four levels of certification so that he mastered them sufficiently to act as trainer to teach the certification levels.

The participant has to demonstrate his autonomy to complete all the steps of new projects and his good knowledge of Powertex products.

It is the train the trainer level of certification.