About Powertex and Powertex Canada

What is Powertex ?

Powertex fabric hardener and textile hardener is an environmentally friendly water-based liquid sculpting medium. Powertex can replace polyester for fabric hardening and textile hardening.

Powertex can harden absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, fabrics, leather and fiberglass. Powertex can be easily combined with self-hardening clays, concrete, stone, ceramic, wood, sand and Stone Art Product. Powertex is used for making sculptures, paintings, decorative objects and jewelry.

Powertex Transparent is a white liquid that dries to a mat finish showing the original patterns and colors from the hardened fabrics. You can create any Powertex colour by adding Powercolor or Colortricx pigments to Powertex Transparent. Dissolve the pigment in a little warm water and stir in the Powertex. Once dry your artwork can be decorated with oil paints, acrylics, latex or Powercolor mixed with Easy Varnish. This combination makes the paint instantly waterproof.

Powertex air dries but warm air from a blow dryer or radiator accelerates the drying time.
​​Powertex textile hardener has been awarded the AP seal of approval.
This means that Powertex is nontoxic and safe for use by children and adults alike.

What does the AP seal mean?
Well, here’s a quote taken from their website...
“The new AP (Approved Product) Seal, with or without Performance Certification, identifies art materials that are safe and that are certified in a toxicological evaluation by a medical expert to contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, including children, or to cause acute or chronic health problems.”

About Powertex Canada

Powertex Canada is the Canadian Distributor of Powertex fabric hardener and its related products.

Powertex products come from Powertex International in Belgium and is available in many countries by the use of a distribution network. 

The Canadian distribution has started up with Brigitte Thompson owner of Thompson's Woodcarving & gifts in Sudbury, Ontario. Pin-So  started as the Quebec distribution in August, 2014 and acquired the Canadian distribution in July, 2018. From that moment, Powertex Canada is operate by Pin-So.

Powertex products are available in Canada by our reseller network being street front stores, online stores and Powertex Certified Instructors.